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2008-08-18 17:47:52 by SuperBiasedMan

I doubt anyone will really see this yet, but I suppose I'll put it up anyway.
Soon (by which I mean by the end of the week, hopefully) I'll have my first flash cartoon animation ready to put up here.
It's pretty different to other ones I'd say, because I've filled it full of stuff not to mention the weird characters.
So anyone who sees this is now legally obliged to watch it, if you don't I'll get my fictional lawyers on your assistant so we can set up a meeting. (fictional lawyers are cheaper)


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2008-08-18 17:59:07

My fictional lawyers are better than your fictional lawyers.

SuperBiasedMan responds:

I've got ficitonal Phoenix Wright.


2008-08-27 17:42:48

Cant wait to see it. Ill be sure to give you an honest review when i come across it.


2008-09-04 17:52:47

super biased man sucked

no offence

SuperBiasedMan responds:

None taken, it's a fairly obscure kind of humour.


2008-10-29 16:58:27

OMG!! i at least want a bronze whistle. i did what the guide says but im still at normal! howd you do it!?


2009-08-02 15:59:26

I can has bronze whistle now!


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